Qualified Driving Instructor in St Austell

So the latest news gives some cause for thought as there are companies out there that take on students and they are not even driving schools. All they do is keep calling  round instructors until they hit on one desperate  for the work!

For sure most independent instructors get these but most won’t do it usually  because they are to busy which tells you more than a sales person on the end of a phone.

They’re running a deadline that can only be met if a student has had over 30 hours of driving. Plus the hourly rate is so low, how do they cover living and business costs. No wonder the pass rate is so low.

These franchise companies that are soaking up students by offering cheap courses are not really supporting a students needs and goals, but this business is not a get rich quick job. It’s one where you are in control of your own business. You work hard and understand your students needs and will go to a test when you know they’ve got the skills to do so.

How some person on the end of a phone, who has no knowledge of a students abilities, can promise a pass on an exact date is worrying. Maybe they can buy my next lottery ticket with the winning numbers on it.   

It’s so important to get the correct instructor so if you are looking for driving lessons in St Austell call Tom Robson on 07711 293129